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Hi there My Name is Roxie aka Cheap Cheetah.. I am a New Yorker born & raised. My passions are reading, eating good cake, traveling cheap, watching lifetime movies, drinking good coffee and saving money. I love Saving , Making and Having Fun with money. I am a cheapskate and Proud Of it. I have been a cheapskate from the time I started my first job at 14. I learned the skills of being cheap from my Grandfather. He was a master at being a cheapskate. With the skills that I have learned from him plus working 2-3 jobs at a time over years. I became financially free. 

Cheap Cheetah that's me will show you ways to save your hard earned money, have fun with it and also make more of it. In creative and fun ways. So join me and let's share our money saving experiences  together. Have a great day.  

R. Hill

Saving Money


If saving money is your thing like it is mine. Then let me show you the creative ways that I have learned to save, make and have fun with money. You don't need to have a high paying job to save money. God knows I never had one. But I did have the determination to want to be financially free from my 8-4 job. 

I will show you how I  saved  money on food, traveling, car insurance, clothing, electricity, vacations, transportation, medical expenses etc. I will make this journey of saving money fun of making money fun and definitely of spending it fun. Join me and let's start this saving money journey together 

Making Extra Money


  Some says it's easier  to save money then to make it. I say that you can do both with ease.. I will show you how you can make extra money to put toward your saving goals, your household bills or whatever you choose to do with it. It will be yours to decide. I will offer you some suggestions of working outside the home or if you prefer inside. It's all up to you. I have personally done both and will share with you what worked for me and what did not. It's always good to have extra money coming in because you never know when you just might need it. Most if not all of the extra money jobs that I will be talking about can be done alongside your full-time job.


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 Disclaimer: I am not a Professional Money Manger or Financial  Expert. The content of this website is  for informational  purposes only. I am  sharing information  with you from  my own personal experiences and the research I do on money topics.  If you have specific needs please contact a  professional.



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